Flussby - new way of communication,
team collaboration
and project management

Do not let good ideas settle on your desktop. Share ideas, find like-minded people, create the best product!

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You do not have to be a super hero or have 33 hands to stay in the information and workflow.

Flussby - everything you need to communicate and work in one place!

Messenger, task and project manager, file sharing and much more...


Flussby takes into account the best experience of various business platforms, their tools allowing to achieve high efficiency, to manage complex lists of tasks, as well as a clear system of organizing the workflow.


All this we translated into a familiar social experience, where there are no hidden places for the user. Create projects, find teams, share information. And all this in a few clicks, there are no more borders!

Flussby works freely!


The tool you already know how to use:

  • Intuitive design
  • Low entry level
  • Easy to use
  • All tools in one place


It is open for communication with the whole world:

  • Interface familiar to everyone
  • For large and small teams
  • User-oriented
  • Not connected to a specific company


Simple and clear, nothing superfluous:

  • Business process tracking
  • Transparent workflows
  • Clean feed
  • Informative user profiles

Interface that you already know how to use!

Thanks to the experience of using social networks, you do not have to spend much time studying Flussby!

  1. Chronology of events!
  2. You always know what an event is!
  3. Remember where and when!
  4. Make decisions!
  5. You control the status!
  6. Share your opinion!